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Cart Vendors

Borek, kebabs, hot dogs, crepes, popcorn, souvlaki, dumplings and pierogis are all served on the Marketplace as part of the Food Cart Vendor Program. Grab a quick bite, take a seat, enjoy your meal and then keep shopping!

  • A-Maize-ing Kettle Korn

  • 802-734-0048
  • Paul Buschner and his family have been making kettle corn for many years in their kitchen at home. After a couple business idea attempts, they finally decided to expand and make their product to share with others, and they bought their first kettle. In May 2003, they made their first appearance on Church St. in their cart, stirring and bagging popcorn trying to keep up with the lines of people on a beautiful day. This satisfies the craving for something sweet and crunchy, and it's a-maize-ing!

  • Amir's Kebab

  • 802-578-9535
  • Amir's Kebab is located on Church Street's City Hall block featuring Mediterranean inspired and Bosnian food such as doner kebabs,  lamb and chicken gyros, falafel, chicken and rice as well as other specialties. Stop by Amir's cart for an early dinner starting at 5pm and enjoy through 2:30am on most days. 

  • Boo~Kie's

  • 802-355-5130
  • Perfect for lunchtime or a quick snack when you are strolling down the marketplace. Burgers, hot dogs, philly cheese steaks, Italian sausages, French fries, cold drinks and more! All made fresh to order and with some of the most reasonable prices downtown. Considered by many to have the best cheeseburgers in Burlington! Also serving hot and delicious breakfast sandwiches. Open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. 5 p.m.
  • Cafe Istanbul

  • 802-777-7377
  • Perfect for lunchtime or if you are in the mood to try specialty Turkish snacks during a stroll on the marketplace! The menu includes fresh Turkish beef dishes seasoned with specialty Turkish spices and topped with fresh tomatoes, parsley, feta cheese, scallions or onions, wrapped in lavash bread. Cafe Istanbul also offers vegetarian dishes, Turkish tea & coffee, cold drinks and more! All dishes are made fresh to order and with some of the most reasonable prices downtown, hours are weather dependent.

  • City Hall Sliders

  • 352-262-3799
  • City Hall Sliders is a new addition to the marketplace. Located on the city hall block of lower Church Street, City Hall Sliders serves up tasty little cheeseburgers for lunch, dinner and late into the night. Stop by while you are shopping for a quick snack or quell your hunger after the bars have let out. Ask about the Slider Challenge!

  • Hong's Chinese Dumplings

  • Chicken and pork dumplings, veggie dumplings in pot sticker style, crab ragoons, shrimp egg rolls, veggie egg rolls, chicken cheese egg rolls, sesame cold noodles, and veggie fried rice along with homemade ginger garlic soy sauce, hot chili oil, and sweet cranberry sauce located on the Top Block, near the intersection of Cherry and Church Streets and in front of City Sports.  

  • Skinny Pancake

  • The first Skinny Pancake was served on Wednesday evening of June 4, 2003. The owners, Jonny and Benjy Adler, had no experience, a cart made of wood scraps from their parents kitchen flooring, and a junked sailboat trailer that had been crudely outfitted into a flatbed would be such a success! Make sure to stop by for both savory and sweet crepes on the Mall Block near Burlington Town Center seven days a week! 

  • Wicked Mountain Hot Dogs

  • 877-394-8227
  • Wicked Mountain Hot Dogs is a locally owned vending cart business selling kosher quarter-pound, jumbo sized Hebrew National hot dogs and Italian sausages. Open late night, located in front of City Hall.

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