Stowe Concert Series: Joshua Panda


    City Hall, City of Burlington - 149 Church Street

    The Stowe Concert Series kicks off the 2014 season with local superstar Joshua Panda! 

    Born in North Carolina, Josh Panda spent the first 14 years of his life following in the footsteps of his gospel singing mother.  He was raised in a Southern Baptist church community where feelings were not held back.  The music, the sermon, the life was all about giving into the moment.  Now at age 29, having amicably left the church and the south behind him, Panda continues to weave the organic and vulnerable influence of his Carolina roots into his music.  It's rock and roll performed as it was intended; raw, emotional and unrestrained.  The music can at times be suspenseful as you watch Panda reach for a note that wasn't rehearsed, but it's the note he wants and the note that feels right for that moment.  One fan said of this moment, "he breaks through the wall between the singer and the audience", evoking a feeling of unity, as the crowd feels they are reaching for that note with him.  Visit his website for future dates and media. And keep your eyes peeled for his fourth album, expected release this Fall!