5 Reasons to Buy Designer Denim

Posted November 18, 2014

Come shop with the denim experts at Ecco on Church Street!


1.They stretch to fit but keep their shape!

   Let's face it; everyone in the world of jean lovers has experienced this problem. You buy a brand spankin' new pair that make you feel like a million bucks just to watch them slowly become your biggest fashion dilemma (literally). Nothing like jeans with a saggy bum to make you feel beautiful...not!

   This is where the designers swoop in to save the day! We carry seven brands of amazing designer denim that will leave you feeling ready to seize the day in style. One of our best-selling brands, AG, has a new fabric that will hold up in every stretch battle! Their line of contour 360° denim is one for the books! These jeans are fully equipped with a four-way stretch to keep you feeling beautiful and sleek! 


2.You can wash them without the color fading.

   Black jeans are a struggle for a lot of people because no one wants dye from their denim ruining their outfit. In an article in the Huffington Post searching for the best black skinny jeans, three of the top five jeans are brands we carry in our store. Paige, Jbrand and AG all made the cut.

   With high-quality fabric that holds shape as well as color you can't go wrong. These designers took special care to provide the best fabrics out there but if you want to go the extra mile remember to wash your jeans in cold water only turned inside out and lay them flat to dry. 


3.They do your booty justice.

We all want our backside to be just as confident as our front and with designer denim you can finally show off that butt without covering it with a long top. The founder of Paige jeans was recently featured in a blog to discuss her company and her passion for denim. On the top of her list of important features in her design is the booty!

Paige cranks out arguably the best butt jean of our time and they don't plan to end the era any time soon! Paige claims that the secret to a great looking bum is the pocket placement. The pocket should end right where your cheek meets your thigh.



4.They'll last!

   It's never fun to part with your favorite pair of jeans so why not invest in a pair of high quality jeans that are made of durable materials? We made sure to seek out the right companies that make quality a huge part of their reputation. Almost every brand of denim we carry is made right here in the USA, which these days is hard to come by!

   Jeff Rudes, owner of J Brand jeans (one of our beloved brands), recently spoke about the importance of sticking to the good stuff when it comes the materials used to make these fabulous jeans. In an interview for the website Jean Stories, he said that it's good to know how to say no and be stern on the quality of your product. We are in full support of this philosophy, which is why his line of gorgeous and long-lasting jeans is one of our top products. It's that very mindset that makes all of our designer companies so reputable. They provide you with denim that will last you through all those memorable moments in your life. 



5.Comfortable is an understatement!

   Who says you can't be fashionable and comfortable at the same time? Most of us wear jeans nearly every day so having a pair that feels like you're wearing sweats is the dream! DL 1961 is known for their stretchy quality and innovative fibers, which is something we can all appreciate when we are running around picking up our kids, working long hours in the office or out dancing the night away! Whatever it is that you do in your jeans, you might as well do it comfortably.

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