Dogs of Church Street

Posted October 4, 2017

The Church Street Marketplace is fun for everybody...including those with furry faces and a tail! It is no secret that some of the best dog-petting takes place on Church Street, so this blog is dedicated to the four-legged friends that visit the Marketplace!




First on the list is Presley! Presley is quite familiar with Church Street, as she belongs to one of the Church Street Marketplace staff members. Sporting a blue harness and the perfect puppy dog eyes, Presley is a heart-throb for sure.





Although he had a hard time staying still, this sweet little guy literally flashed a smile when we asked for a picture. Gunner loved to smell everything and tug at his leash whenever he passed someone on the street. Just look at that face!





This sweet little diva happily posed for her glamour shots. Hazel made us all smile in her adorable purple harness, walking proudly between her owners. Though she is tiny, she is fierce!





This handsome fella's name is Dobby. He was happy to stop and pose for a picture, but not before a few quick head scratches.





This well behaved pup's name is Indie. Indie sat dutifully for us when asked, and struck a pose...complete with the ear flop. How could you say no to that face?





We caught Sailor and her owners just as they were arriving at Church Street, but Sailor was ready for her close-up. This gorgeous lady gave us a grin, and her best silly face. What a beaut!





This happy guy's name is Finn. In the middle of playing with his friend, we had to distract him to sneak a picture. But what a gem we got, look at those big brown eyes!





This little guy could easily be mistaken for a stuffed animal! Portland looked dashing in his red harness, and sat so well while we snapped some pictures. So sweet!





Maxwell basked in the limelight as groups of strangers stopped to take his picture on Church Street. At almost 15 years old, Maxwell is the definition of a good boy.





This little beauty was loving the attention. Sonoma's bright blue harness stood out against her gorgeous brindled fur. The sweet face was happy to flash us a smile.


All photos are credited to Owen Leavey Photography.