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Posted August 29, 2016


By Rob Hunter, Frog Hollow


Over the past six years, Frog Hollow has run a series of statewide craft outreach efforts to determine how best to educate the public on Vermont Craft artisans and their processes. These efforts included last year’s “Artstream”, a retrofitted Airstream camper that Frog Hollow used as a traveling gallery for multiple exhibitions. The result of these efforts is the commissioning of a mobile studio the organization has affectionately named the Art Cart (or “cART” as designer Aaron Stein refers to it).


The Frog Hollow cART was designed and created by local artists Aaron Stein and Aaron Grossman as a mobile platform for artisans to demonstrate not just what they make, but how they craft and create it. The main concern was to make a safe environment that the public could approach and watch as work was being produced. The cART is a versatile design which can be used as a platform to create on or as a backdrop to house tools and materials. A built-in plexi glass shield encompasses the entire front of the cart while an adjustable mirror allows for those watching to see an aerial view of the artisan’s hands at work.



The cART may be a new addition to Burlington’s Church Street, but in a way, it’s been here all along. Made from rectangular aluminum framing beams, once window channel in several Church Street storefronts it may be claimed that the cART is actual built from Church Street. Add to this the locally salvaged corrugated siding, leveling jacks and motorcycle wheel, the two Aarons reclaimed and repurposed local materials for the bulk of the cART’s construction, making it an upcycled work of art in its own right.



The cART is already up and operating. John Brickels was the inaugural artist demonstrating on August 6th in front of the gallery. Frog Hollow has put together a schedule of upcoming artisans and partner organizations (organizations who use craft as a tool in their work) demonstrations for the coming month.



Sept 2, 4 - 8PM, Daryl Storrs, Printmaking

Sept 8, Noon - 4, Shelburne Craft School, Wood Carving

Sept 9, Noon - 4, Shelburne Craft School, Wood Carving

Sept 10, Noon – 4, Victoria Blewer, Hand Colored Photography

Sept 16, Noon – 4, Eric Nelson Glass

Sept 16, 5 - 8PM, Project Healing Waters, Fly Tying

Sept 17, Noon – 4, Eric Nelson, Glass

Sept 23, Noon – 4, Carol MacDonald, Printmaking

Sept 30, Noon – 4, Deborah Holmes, Painting


Demonstrations are free and open to all. Frog Hollow is located at 85 Church Street. 

Photos by Chris Behr.

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