Gift Guide for Dad

Posted December 15, 2018

Dads have been giving us stuff since they day we were born. So, let’s switch it up this year! Give the gift of something amazing, something he will really love and enjoy. 




Burlington Records



Explore the bins of hundreds of vintage records and CD’s that cover every genre. Not sure what your Dad is into this week? Pick out a poster, or even purchase a record player! Spend some time exploring and get lost in the music.





Sox Market 



Head down to Sox Market and upgrade his 80’s sock pile. Grab a pair of locally made Darn Tough socks, they even have a lifetime warranty! Now that’s just good gift giving.







Treat your dad to a fancy cigar this holiday season. Not sure what he likes? Garcia’s can help you find the perfect thing.








Nothing like a fresh hiking backpack to get your dad excited about the heights that await him in the new year. Not into hiking? No problem. Fjallraven offers a variety of men’s accessories and apparel sure to please any father.





Danform Shoes



Dads need new shoes too. Head down to Danform shoes and update your dad’s salt stained boots. A fresh new look is the perfect way to start the year right.




The Optical Center



Give the gift of sight! The Optical Center has a variety of shades and styles sure to impress even the most difficult dads. An item he’ll use every day and think of you.