Making Waves at Aristelle

Posted March 16, 2015


It’s finally March. The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and if you close your eyes, you can feel summer in the distance. We all know there is no better place to spend summer than New England. Summer here means cool lakes and picnics. It means campouts and campfires, family and friends. Summer means beaches and it means bathing suits.


Aristelle is here to tell you that bathing suit shopping doesn’t have to be a dreaded experience. We approach bathing suits like we approach lingerie- fit is essential. Our bathing suits come in bra sizes and dress sizes because most of us don’t fit neatly into the small, medium and large category.  When you think about it, how do you even define small, medium and large when it comes to a person’s body? Our bodies are not uniform, and buying a bathing suit sized in that way makes the assumption that you’re the same size on the top and on the bottom. That’s problematic.


A lot of women’s bathing suit insecurities stem from worrying about the placement of their breast tissue. No one wants to be seen in a swimsuit that doesn’t support them. From rolling over on a towel, to jumping into a body of water, women are constantly checking to make sure nothing has shifted.  Bra sized and dress sized swimsuits fit you better because they correspond with your body’s true shape and size. Underwire ensures that everything stays in place, while giving you lift and support in the same way that a correctly fitting bra does.


We carry bathing suits from Shan, Fantatsie, Elomi, Touché and many more. Our styles range from retro one pieces, to colorful bikinis and tankinis. Not only will we help you find a supportive bathing suit top, we will also help find you a bottom that fits, because waddling at the beach is only cute if you’re a toddler. 

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