Upcoming Fall Church Street Events

Come enjoy the fall season with us and join in on all of the exciting events happening on Church Street!  See our schedule of major upcoming events below, plus keep up to date with all events in downtown Burlington at


September 17 - Stowe Concert Series: Busk and Rye

Sponsored by Stowe Mountain Resort



Busk and Rye got their start captivating passerby on the Church Street Marketplace with their bluegrass, country, and...

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Stowe Concert Series

Stowe Mountain Resort Concert Series on the Marketplace

Thursdays: August 27-September 24

City Hall Block | Church Street Marketplace | 5pm-7pm


​The Church Street Marketplace kicks off the Fall/Winter season with Thursday night concerts starting on August 28th on City Hall Block sponsored by Stowe Mountain Resort.  Enjoy the series' first performance by local super star, Joshua Panda, a blend of soul, country and rock, on Thursday August 27 from 5pm-7pm, and then Rick and...

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Upcoming Church Street Events


There's always something exciting happening on Church Street! See our schedule of major upcoming events below, plus keep up to date with all events in downtown Burlington at


July 15 and 22 - Food Cart Wednesdays



Twelve locally owned Church Street food vendors will set up on the Mall block (between Bank Street and Cherry Street) for Food Cart Wednesdays. Food carts are nothing new on Church Street, but you’ve never seen...

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A Global Shopping Adventure Awaits

It’s a warm afternoon and everything seems to be a blur of the same old sights and sounds.  You need an escape.  So you duck into a store with a red city on the sign.  Your world is suddenly transformed.  What is this place with all the bright colors and global textures?

You’ve just entered Ten Thousand Villages—a fair trade retailer since 1946.  If everything looks authentically handcrafted and global, that’s because it is.  We are 100% committed to doing good.  Every item in our...

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Embracing Summer 2015 with Power to the She

Here at Athleta Church Street we are so excited for our very first summer in Burlington, Vermont.  We’ve had such a blast thus far with our new store creating community connections and building and sharing our brand.  At Athleta our motto is “Power to the She”.  Our muse is not a fictitious character, but every real woman who is out there working, sweating, and always reaching for amazing.  She is living a life in motion and we are here to support her from her product needs to her...

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