Top Block, Top Floor


We all know the major businesses living on Church Street’s Top Block – GAP, Urban Outfitters, Ben and Jerry’s… but next time you’re strolling along the Marketplace, take a look UP! The very first block of Church Street, closest to Pearl Street, is booming with unique and locally owned businesses waiting for you to find them on the second floor! Discover a dance studio, salon or store that you never knew existed above many of your favorite well-known establishments.



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The North Face Continues to Set the Standard for Environmental and Social Practices

Did you know....
That the average American child spends 44 hours each week engaged with electronic media?
Our goal at The North Face and KLMountainshop is to ignite a global movement of outdoor exploration and an unwavering commitment to protect it. The North Face, each year, offers hundreds of events  that inspire participants to explore and conserve.  Ultimately, we are responsible to develop our future generations of outdoor enthusiasts.

Did you know…
That in 2012 over 12...

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Changes on Church Street in 2014


As 2014 comes to a close, we’d like to take some time to reflect on many wonderful changes that have happened this year on the Church Street Marketplace and in downtown Burlington.



New Businesses:

The Marketplace is busier than ever with only a 1% vacancy rate! This year we welcomed many new businesses to Church Street.


The women’s athletic apparel store moved into One Church Street, next to the new GAP, and offers free classes like yoga and hip hop...

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Season's Greetings From Downtown Threads!


Tis the season for egg nog, friends around the fireplace, tree trimming, and of course, swapping your cute summer wardrobe for warmer wear. This winter when you’re shopping on the Church Street Marketplace, you won’t have to sacrifice style for warmth when you come up to Downtown Threads!


This year we have our first ever in-house, hand-made local artist “ugly” holiday sweaters, just in time for the party season! They jingle, they twinkle, and they can be custom-made just for...

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Shopping Local with Apple Mountain


Shop local, shop small. The economic numbers behind this movement are compelling. Think about this: a compilation of national studies concluded that 14% of money spent at a national chain enters your local economy, mostly as wages. But 48% of money spent at a locally owned business enters the local economy, more than three times as much as a national firm! Where’s that extra 34% going? It’s going mostly to professional services headquartered in Vermont –lawyers, accountants,...

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