Tips to have a Relaxing Holiday Season

By Cynthea Hausman of Cynthea's Spa



The holidays are officially here and the season for giving begins. It’s a wonderful time of year, but with all the activities, excitement and family obligations taking place at once, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed and even a tad bit gloomy. Here are some simple steps to relax, let go and really enjoy a truly happy holiday!


Focus on your connections. This holiday, reflect on the meaning and closeness of your relationships....

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Burlington Violin Shop Workshop Tours


“Oh, how beautiful!  Do you make them here?”


“Yes, we do, actually.  Do you see that violin on the top of that fixture?”


“You mean the red and gold one?”


“That’s one of our workshop instruments.”


This particular exchange has played over countless times in our shop.  Visitors are always fascinated at the prospect that these works of art with infinite possibilities can be brought to life in the back of a shop in the Church Street Marketplace.  Violin...

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Why Should I get a Professional Bra Fitting?


It is estimated that 85% of women are in the incorrect bra size!

Really! 85%! That is an unbelievable number but it's true. We see it every single day.

Now, why is that? Most places just don't have the range in sizes. Mainstream stores don’t want to invest in the design and production of the range of bra sizes per style that it takes to offer a proper fit.

With so many sizes at Aristelle, we are able to fit a bra to your body and not you into a bra!


The Myth of the...

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23 Years and Still Cooking

By Luke Wight of Kiss the Cook


“What should I write about?”
That was the question I struggled to answer.  It was an abundance of exciting topics, not a lack, that had me stumped.  So I decided I try and focus on some questions I’ve been hearing quite a bit lately. 

First, I think a brief introduction is appropriate.  My name is Luke, and as of July 1st, I’m fortunate enough to be the new owner of Kiss The Cook at 72-74 Church St.  

 “Are you a cook?”
As you might imagine,...

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The Body Shop According to B

By Brandy Companion of The Body Shop


What's the best part of my career? It's 100% my company and heart.

How does heart play out in a retail environment? At 84 Church Street, our day-to-day is not about the sales. What we bring to the table is much more.

I'll use Sam as an example... A college age young man walked into the shop with a group of girls. I noticed he very casually kept breaking away from the group and scanning the room. I could easily tell he was uncomfortable being...

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