Healthy-Eating on Church Street: Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To


As the New Year gets into full-swing, you may find those resolutions slipping. The best way to stick to those healthy lifestyles is by eating yummy, fresh food. Here in Burlington, your options are endless! Here's a selection of the amazing options on Church Street!



92 Church Street

Founded around a simple idea, to make fast-food “real” by making it the way it should be, by people, not factories; b.good created a place where you can feel good about the food you eat....

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Bundling Up as the Cold Sets In


Vermont winters are long and harsh, and while last week we felt some of the annual January thaw, hopefully we have more snow on the way. Here, Groundhog Day is just a charming movie and there will always be six more weeks of winter so if you don’t already have all the outerwear you need, now is the time to bundle up!

Because Vermont weather can be so unpredictable, Church Street has many outdoors shops to fit these needs. There are also lots of sales this time of year on outerwear as...

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2017 New Years Resolutions


We’ve all vowed to be our best selves this year - what is your 2017 New Year Resolution? Maybe you want to run in the Vermont City Marathon. Maybe you want to lose an extra couple of pounds. Maybe you just want to get outside and be active! In this post we’ll introduce you to nine Church Street businesses focused on health and wellness who want to help you achieve whatever your 2017 goals are!  



1 Church Street



Athleta’s mission is to ignite a...

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Holiday Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers


Stocking Stuffers


Find unique stocking stuffers that everyone in your home will love on Christmas morning. All of the gift ideas listed here can be found in downtown Burlington and are less than $20! 



162 College Street

Touch Screen Liner - $17.95

Screen Grab’s magic allows you to text, swipe, tap, and scroll with pinpoint accuracy using tech that will never fade, fray, wear out, or wash off. DRYRIDE Ultrawick™ silkweight fabric keeps you warm, dry,...

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Winter Fashion in Northern Vermont: Where Necessity meets Chic

Winter is fast approaching here in Burlington and we all know what that means, boots, scarves, hats and coats. We all have our go tos of course, but how do we take the need for warmth and make it cozy cute?

Luckily, in Burlington we have great local boutiques to help us take outdoor winter wear to new heights.

This year, the focus is on fun jackets, bright bags and statement boots to keep you classy in the cold! Check out this cozy jacket from Monelle!

For layering, stock up on...

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