Shopping Local with Apple Mountain

Posted December 11, 2014


Shop local, shop small. The economic numbers behind this movement are compelling. Think about this: a compilation of national studies concluded that 14% of money spent at a national chain enters your local economy, mostly as wages. But 48% of money spent at a locally owned business enters the local economy, more than three times as much as a national firm! Where’s that extra 34% going? It’s going mostly to professional services headquartered in Vermont –lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, and marketing firms. All local, and all adding their dollars back into the local economy, as well. This works to create a multiplier effect, where dollars spent at our local business are re-spent again and again right here in Vermont.


As a business that features Vermont-made products, Apple Mountain puts an even higher percentage of our revenues into the local flow. About 85% of our merchandise vendors are in Vermont. This means that almost all money spent at a store selling Vermont handcrafts and foods is flowing right back into the Vermont economy. A purchase at Apple Mountain helps support Vermont hand-crafters like Carol and Mark who make delicate Horizon Porcelain Ornaments in West Burke, Jay who makes functional wooden frames and other items for his business Jay’s Woodshop in Johnson, Edie Johnstone from Killington who handpaints miniature scenic ornaments on slices of wood that her son cuts down for her off their land, and Kimberlee Forney from Essex Junction who paints colorful cows and sheep.

Apple Mountain supports Vermont businesses that have grown larger, like Solmate Socks, Silver Forest Jewelry, and Turtle Fur Hats. We support food suppliers like Sugartree Maple Farm in Williston, our syrup supplier, and Rex’s Outrageous in Jericho, maker of Road Crew Crunch. And we have small suppliers that show up at our door with a line of cards made from their artwork or a music CD that they have just produced. This is what shopping local means to us at Apple Mountain!

And don’t forget about charitable giving. The local stores in our community are constantly and willingly offering up gift cards and other donations to school groups, non-profits, and more. We hang event posters and kids’ art in our windows. We sell items for non-profits or put a coin jar on our counters.

So this holiday season, remember folks - buy local, buy Vermont, and keep the money circulating!

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