Staying In: Snowy Day Pastimes

Posted February 13, 2017


While some spend their winters in the mountains, others are much happier spending cold days curled up by the fire. If you need some fresh ideas for how to use those chilly days, this post is for you!


Crow Bookshop

14 Church Street

You can never go wrong with a good book to squander away a cold afternoon. Crow Bookshop has been on Church Street since 1995, selling both new and used books! They have a huge selection from cooking to art to juicy novels. No matter your interests, you're sure to find a great read!


Quarterstaff Games

152 Church Street

Another great pastime is board games! Quarterstaff Games has a large selection of games and fun for all ages! They are also locally owned!



52 Church Street

What a better way to spend a day inside than finally conquering that organizing project you've been putting off! At Homeport they have a variety of boxes, bins, and organizers to help these projects nice and easy and have your home looking neat and tidy!


Lake Champlain Chocolates

65 Church Street

And the most important part of a snowy day in is, of course, hot chocolate! With six options to choose from and high quality ingredients, Lake Champlain Chocolates is the best you can get, and its made at their factory in Burlington!

Flavors: Traditional, Spicy Aztec, Mocha, Peppermint, Old World, and Organic


Keep cozy, Burlington!