Making Waves at Aristelle


It’s finally March. The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and if you close your eyes, you can feel summer in the distance. We all know there is no better place to spend summer than New England. Summer here means cool lakes and picnics. It means campouts and campfires, family and friends. Summer means beaches and it means bathing suits.


Aristelle is here to tell you that bathing suit shopping doesn’t have to be a dreaded experience. We approach bathing suits like we approach lingerie- fit is essential. Our bathing suits come in bra sizes and dress sizes because most of us don’t fit neatly into the small, medium and large category.  When you think about it, how do you even define small, medium and large when it comes to a person’s body? Our bodies are not uniform, and buying a bathing suit sized in that way makes the assumption that you’re the same size on the top and on the bottom. That’s problematic.


A lot of women’s bathing suit insecurities stem from worrying about the placement of their breast tissue. No one wants to be seen in a swimsuit that doesn’t support them. From rolling over on a towel, to jumping into a body of water, women are constantly checking to make sure nothing has shifted.  Bra sized and dress sized swimsuits fit you better because they correspond with your body’s true shape and size. Underwire ensures that everything stays in place, while giving you lift and support in the same way that a correctly fitting bra does.


We carry bathing suits from Shan, Fantatsie, Elomi, Touché and many more. Our styles range from retro one pieces, to colorful bikinis and tankinis. Not only will we help you find a supportive bathing suit top, we will also help find you a bottom that fits, because waddling at the beach is only cute if you’re a toddler. 

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Top Block, Top Floor


We all know the major businesses living on Church Street’s Top Block – GAP, Urban Outfitters, Ben and Jerry’s… but next time you’re strolling along the Marketplace, take a look UP! The very first block of Church Street, closest to Pearl Street, is booming with unique and locally owned businesses waiting for you to find them on the second floor! Discover a dance studio, salon or store that you never knew existed above many of your favorite well-known establishments.


Boutiliers Art Center

Address: 22 Church Street



Boutiliers Fine Art Materials and Custom Framing has been a staple in Burlington, Vermont since 1925. They just returned back to their home on the Marketplace after leaving their College Street location. Boutiliers can help protect your antique documents, kids’ paintings, dried plants and more with custom framing to fit your budget. They also have an amazing mix of art supplies to help with any project you’re working on!


LeZot Camera

Address: 34 Church Street



For over 35 years, LeZot Camera has offered the widest selection of new and pre-owned film and digital cameras. They will buy and trade for your used camera gear and also offer repairs. LeZot is a family owned business and supports local arts and education through volunteerism and donation.


Mana Threads

Address: 22 Church Street



This year, Mana Threads joined athletic apparel retailers City Sports, lululemon athletica, Eddie Bauer and Athleta on the Top Block of Church Street. The locally owned store sets itself apart from the competition by combining the outdoor lifestyle of Vermont with the cultural vibrancy and color of Brazil in their clothing line. “Mana” is slang for “sisters” in Portuguese! Each piece of clothing is hand-made and allows the wearer to stand out and express themselves.


Simplicity Salon & Spa

Address: 2 Church Street



 Owned by native Vermonter Denise Destalto, Simplicity Salon and Spa offers haircuts, colors, up-dos, waxing and massages to pamper clients and give them the best service possible. At Simplicity Salon and Spa – “It’s simply about you!” Denise is committed to making each person feel their very best. Find her at 2 Church Street in the Richardson Place building on the second floor.


Swan Dojo Studio

Address: 19 Church Street


Described as a community art gallery, theatre and multi-disciplinary arts space, Swan Dojo offers many styles of yoga and dance classes, as well as hosts events like The Human Canvas workshops and hula-hooping! Their space is available to rent for classes, workshops and talks.


Therin Pohley Esthetics

Address: 2 Church Street



Find local esthetician, Therin Pohley, on the third floor of the Richardson Place building at 2 Church Street. Her modern yet holistically-minded skin care will rejuvenate your skin and keep you feeling fresh from facials to massages to eyebrow tinting. Therin offers a full range of beauty and skin care treatments to meet your needs.

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Shopping Local with Apple Mountain


Shop local, shop small. The economic numbers behind this movement are compelling. Think about this: a compilation of national studies concluded that 14% of money spent at a national chain enters your local economy, mostly as wages. But 48% of money spent at a locally owned business enters the local economy, more than three times as much as a national firm! Where’s that extra 34% going? It’s going mostly to professional services headquartered in Vermont –lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, and marketing firms. All local, and all adding their dollars back into the local economy, as well. This works to create a multiplier effect, where dollars spent at our local business are re-spent again and again right here in Vermont.


As a business that features Vermont-made products, Apple Mountain puts an even higher percentage of our revenues into the local flow. About 85% of our merchandise vendors are in Vermont. This means that almost all money spent at a store selling Vermont handcrafts and foods is flowing right back into the Vermont economy. A purchase at Apple Mountain helps support Vermont hand-crafters like Carol and Mark who make delicate Horizon Porcelain Ornaments in West Burke, Jay who makes functional wooden frames and other items for his business Jay’s Woodshop in Johnson, Edie Johnstone from Killington who handpaints miniature scenic ornaments on slices of wood that her son cuts down for her off their land, and Kimberlee Forney from Essex Junction who paints colorful cows and sheep.

Apple Mountain supports Vermont businesses that have grown larger, like Solmate Socks, Silver Forest Jewelry, and Turtle Fur Hats. We support food suppliers like Sugartree Maple Farm in Williston, our syrup supplier, and Rex’s Outrageous in Jericho, maker of Road Crew Crunch. And we have small suppliers that show up at our door with a line of cards made from their artwork or a music CD that they have just produced. This is what shopping local means to us at Apple Mountain!

And don’t forget about charitable giving. The local stores in our community are constantly and willingly offering up gift cards and other donations to school groups, non-profits, and more. We hang event posters and kids’ art in our windows. We sell items for non-profits or put a coin jar on our counters.

So this holiday season, remember folks - buy local, buy Vermont, and keep the money circulating!

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5 Reasons to Buy Designer Denim

Come shop with the denim experts at Ecco on Church Street!


1.They stretch to fit but keep their shape!

   Let's face it; everyone in the world of jean lovers has experienced this problem. You buy a brand spankin' new pair that make you feel like a million bucks just to watch them slowly become your biggest fashion dilemma (literally). Nothing like jeans with a saggy bum to make you feel beautiful...not!

   This is where the designers swoop in to save the day! We carry seven brands of amazing designer denim that will leave you feeling ready to seize the day in style. One of our best-selling brands, AG, has a new fabric that will hold up in every stretch battle! Their line of contour 360° denim is one for the books! These jeans are fully equipped with a four-way stretch to keep you feeling beautiful and sleek! 


2.You can wash them without the color fading.

   Black jeans are a struggle for a lot of people because no one wants dye from their denim ruining their outfit. In an article in the Huffington Post searching for the best black skinny jeans, three of the top five jeans are brands we carry in our store. Paige, Jbrand and AG all made the cut.

   With high-quality fabric that holds shape as well as color you can't go wrong. These designers took special care to provide the best fabrics out there but if you want to go the extra mile remember to wash your jeans in cold water only turned inside out and lay them flat to dry. 


3.They do your booty justice.

We all want our backside to be just as confident as our front and with designer denim you can finally show off that butt without covering it with a long top. The founder of Paige jeans was recently featured in a blog to discuss her company and her passion for denim. On the top of her list of important features in her design is the booty!

Paige cranks out arguably the best butt jean of our time and they don't plan to end the era any time soon! Paige claims that the secret to a great looking bum is the pocket placement. The pocket should end right where your cheek meets your thigh.



4.They'll last!

   It's never fun to part with your favorite pair of jeans so why not invest in a pair of high quality jeans that are made of durable materials? We made sure to seek out the right companies that make quality a huge part of their reputation. Almost every brand of denim we carry is made right here in the USA, which these days is hard to come by!

   Jeff Rudes, owner of J Brand jeans (one of our beloved brands), recently spoke about the importance of sticking to the good stuff when it comes the materials used to make these fabulous jeans. In an interview for the website Jean Stories, he said that it's good to know how to say no and be stern on the quality of your product. We are in full support of this philosophy, which is why his line of gorgeous and long-lasting jeans is one of our top products. It's that very mindset that makes all of our designer companies so reputable. They provide you with denim that will last you through all those memorable moments in your life. 



5.Comfortable is an understatement!

   Who says you can't be fashionable and comfortable at the same time? Most of us wear jeans nearly every day so having a pair that feels like you're wearing sweats is the dream! DL 1961 is known for their stretchy quality and innovative fibers, which is something we can all appreciate when we are running around picking up our kids, working long hours in the office or out dancing the night away! Whatever it is that you do in your jeans, you might as well do it comfortably.

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Tips to have a Relaxing Holiday Season

By Cynthea Hausman of Cynthea's Spa



The holidays are officially here and the season for giving begins. It’s a wonderful time of year, but with all the activities, excitement and family obligations taking place at once, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed and even a tad bit gloomy. Here are some simple steps to relax, let go and really enjoy a truly happy holiday!


Focus on your connections. This holiday, reflect on the meaning and closeness of your relationships. It’s not the amount of money you spend, but how much love and joy you share that will create the quality of the season. The beautifully wrapped presents and bows are far less important than the people in your life.

Entertaining? Make a time line and list. Being organized and prepared will save you from a lot of stress. Prioritize and delegate tasks when you can. Enlist the help of professionals if need be (cleaning? catering?).

Keep it simple. The food doesn't have to be fancy and you don't have to spend a small fortune on decorations. A fire in the fireplace can set the mood and fresh flowers or greens are beautiful anywhere in the house. The people make the party.

Involve the whole family in your holiday planning and preparation. Children love to be a part of the process. Let them help with frosting cookies, making place cards, decorating your home or holiday table. Let go of perfection and have fun!

Get plenty of sleep and eat healthy foods. Sleep may seem like an indulgence this time of year, but it is essential to good health and a positive holiday outlook. Rest, slow-down and take time to reflect. There will be plenty of treats and sweets - eat healthy meals to counteract the unhealthy choices.

Let go and go with the flow. If you're overwhelmed, imagine what would happen if you didn't do "it". What is the worst case scenario? Not sending your holiday cards on time probably won’t matter in the long run.

Give out of joy vs. obligation. Don't stress your budget. Be creative and come from your heart. It makes the gift much more meaningful.

Perform a small act of kindness without expecting anything in return.  A smile will spread some holiday cheer.

More tips - Be kind to yourself: Buy fresh flowers. Soak your feet. Spend time with close friends. Take a long walk. Sleep in. Watch the sunset. Enjoy a bubble bath. Have a massage. Listen to beautiful music. Love yourself and others, then, enjoy the most fabulous holiday season!

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23 Years and Still Cooking

By Luke Wight of Kiss the Cook


“What should I write about?”
That was the question I struggled to answer.  It was an abundance of exciting topics, not a lack, that had me stumped.  So I decided I try and focus on some questions I’ve been hearing quite a bit lately. 

First, I think a brief introduction is appropriate.  My name is Luke, and as of July 1st, I’m fortunate enough to be the new owner of Kiss The Cook at 72-74 Church St.  

 “Are you a cook?”
As you might imagine, this a question I’ve been getting a lot lately.
Cooking (and eating) has always been something I enjoy and has long been a hobby of mine.  Sometimes, I’ll try a new meal, and it will turn out great, leaving my wife, who’s very particular, quite impressed.  Other times, it ends with the smoke detector going off and us ordering a pizza.   So in short, yes, I’m a cook, but not an expert, and it’s the ongoing learning process I enjoy the most.

“What are you going to change at the store?”
Another question I’ve heard and my answer is “hopefully very little”.  We want to make sure our customers continue to have the same great experiences they’ve had during Kiss the Cook’s nearly 23 years in business.  In fact, you’ll likely see many of the same familiar faces in the store if you come by for our Annual Anniversary Sale.  New ownership or not, 23 Years on the Church Street Marketplace is worth celebrating, so please come visit us October 17-19 for 20% OFF storewide!*

“What’s in season?”
This is a question we often hear in the store.

Obviously, a hallmark of fall in Vermont is the apple.  Last weekend, my wife and I went apple picking, and as usual we ended up with more apples than we could possibly eat.  We always seem to get carried away at the orchard. So, after pondering what to do with our bundles of apples, my wife was inspired and baked some delicious apple-walnut muffins.  So if you’re in a similar predicament, or are planning a trip to the orchard, finding ways to bake your apples will not disappoint.  Be sure to stop by the store, as we’ve got gadgets to help you slice, peel, and core your apples (including some contraptions that do all 3!).  We also have baking supplies, including pie plates from Emile Henry, and individual pie making kits!  Baking not your thing? Well you could drink your apples then, with Hard Cider Kits by Brooklyn Brew Shop.  Start soon and you’ll be drinking homemade hard cider by the holidays by turning your apples, or your premade “soft” cider, into Hard Cider!

Sometimes, you may not have questions, but you’re just looking for inspiration.

I find a cookbook a great place to start.  A current favorite of mine is The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook which is filled with recipes from local establishments, including a Vegan Chili recipe from City Market.  I turned this into a “vegetarian chili” when I topped it with cheddar cheese. Also, even if you’re not a vegetarian (I’m not) this is delicious, particularly served with another recipe from the book for Maple Corn Bread.  (Excuse me while I wipe the drool off the keyboard).  

You’ll need a Dutch oven to make this dish, which we have a great variety of from Le Creuset, Lodge, and Staub.

Hopefully I’ve managed to answer some questions and whet your appetite a bit.
If you have more questions, please come visit us. We look forward to seeing you!

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PETA recognizes The North Face with the Innovator for Animals Award

By Mark Kalloz of The North Face Lifestyle Store (90 Church St)

Something amazing happened in 2014 and no one is even talking about it.  

The North Face - one of the largest outerwear producers in the world - recently re released it’s new revolutionary insulation technology-The ThermoBall™

ThermoBall™ mimics goose down but provides more versatility than down, which loses its insulating capability when wet. ThermoBall™ insulation consists of small, round fibers that cluster like feathers and features the same loft and compressibility as down but offers the added benefit of supplying uncompromising warmth in all weather conditions.


In recognition of this technological advance in cruelty-free outerwear, PETA presented  The North Face with its Innovator for Animals Award. "ThermoBall™ technology perfectly demonstrates how cruelty-free synthetics are exceeding down's performance attributes", says PETA Associate Director Mimi Bekhechi. "This award recognizes The North Face for its innovative efforts to provide outdoor sports enthusiasts with outerwear that's durable, light, packable, machine-washable and, best of all, Earth- and goose-friendly."

WOW! Earth and animal friendly.  No one else is doing this at this level!

Visit the Church Street Marketplace in downtown Burlington to find your new ThermoBall™ vest, jacket, hoodie, and/or parka.  A rainbow of colors are available at your local The North Face dealer: 90 Church St or 210 College St.  Both downtown locations are locally owned and operated by and staffed by knowledgeable outdoor enthusiasts!




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Fall on the Marketplace

It’s that time of year again- fall in Vermont! Say goodbye to summer and hello to brisk weather, apple picking, foliage and maple, maple, maple. The Church Street Marketplace remains a beautiful shopping and dining destination year round, but come experience all the seasonal fun we have to offer downtown this fall! 


Start your day off the right way with a delicious Maple Latte from Uncommon Grounds. Almost too beautiful to drink, this seasonal beverage will be sure to put a little bounce in your step. Take it to go or stop and warm up inside the bustling café. Enjoy before work or as an afternoon pick me up!


It’s time to retire your flip-flops and shorts in favor of boots and jackets. Don’t worry, you can still be fashionable in the colder temperatures with the help of our amazing downtown stores! They're happy to help you update your wardrobe to transition from summer to fall. 


Fur is huge this season. Stay cozy but cute in this June jacket paired over a cashmere sweater dress from Sail to Sable at Monelle Vermont. Have you seen their Instagram account? Follow this awesome women’s clothing store at @monellevermont. They post great outfit ideas every day!





When stomping through the leaves on your way to work, around town or out at night, be comfortable but stylish in a pair of Frye boots from Dear Lucy! They have the widest selection of boots in downtown Burlington.  These rich but neutral colors will pair with any outfit this season and will become a staple in your closet year round.




For a unique spin on our favorite flavor of the season, visit Apple Mountain for some Maple Sprinkes! These delicious sprinkles are made by Green Mountain Goodness in Franklin, Vermont and taste great on top of oatmeal, yogurt or ice cream. Tourists and locals can both agree that this treat is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. 





A Le Creuset Dutch Oven will also become essential in your kitchen this fall. Their cookware is perfect for making soups, chili, casseroles and anything you and your family may crave on a cold autumn night. They are easy to use AND dishwasher safe. Choose one in a variety of autumn colors at Kiss the Cook.



End the evening with an Apple Pie cocktail from Halvorson’s Upstreet Café. This drink captures the essence of fall in every sip, made with Stoli vanilla, spiced cider, local hard cider, lemon, a cinnamon sugar rim and a cinnamon stick. Treat yourself to this delicious concoction that you’ll only find on the Top Block at Halvorson’s.

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Shop Small on Church Street for Small Business Saturday

Shop Small® on Nov 30!

From the corner café with the tasty cappuccinos to the tailor who can expertly hem a pair of chinos, the Church Street Marketplace and downtown Burlington has an eclectic blend of locally owned and operated stores that are the heartbeat of our center of commerce as well as community center in Burlington, Vermont.

Small Business Saturday® is a day to support the local businesses that continually give back to our schools and nonprofits. It is a day dedicated to investing back in our local economy and supporting the business owners who support us! This year, the big day is Nov 30, and we want you to get out and Shop Small®. It is America’s busiest shopping weekend!

If you’re a small business owner, you can head to to download free marketing materials to help attract customers on the day. We hope you can join us in making this the most successful Small Business Saturday yet! Look for special deals and sales happening at for Small Business Saturday in downtown Burlington HERE and hurry in to stores as early as 8am to SHOP SMALL!!


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Summer Events-Cardboard Box Parade

Burlington, Vermont is known for a number of unique and quirky festivals as well as events….the Cardboard Box Parade is one of them! Children create costumes representing characters from their favorite books, and meet at the top of the Church Street Marketplace to march to City Hall together and enjoy a snack! The event is open to ages 2-23 and no pre-registration is necessary.

The Church Street team has the privilege of guiding the parade with our mini golf cart and hosting the storybook characters as they come alive!

The cardboard box parade is an annual Summer event, always happens the third week in July and is scheduled for this Thursday, July 18th at NOON. For more information, please contact Rebecca Goldberg at

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