Holiday Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers


Stocking Stuffers


Find unique stocking stuffers that everyone in your home will love on Christmas morning. All of the gift ideas listed here can be found in downtown Burlington and are less than $20! 



162 College Street

Touch Screen Liner - $17.95

Screen Grab’s magic allows you to text, swipe, tap, and scroll with pinpoint accuracy using tech that will never fade, fray, wear out, or wash off. DRYRIDE Ultrawick™ silkweight fabric keeps you warm, dry, and flexible for fancy finger work.


Catamount Store 

46 Church Street 

Brass V/Cat Key Chain - $8.95

This brass key chain features an enameled V/Cat logo that is perfect for the UVM student or alumni in your life!


Common Deer 

210 College Street

Bottle Openers - Starting at $15

We have quite the variety of bottle openers to suit the person you're shopping for. All of these are made in the USA, and some even in Burlington! They are a great practical stocking stuffer for anyone who enjoys cracking open a beer, legally of course. Our website is just a small sampling of our store.


Danforth Pewter

111 Church Street

Netsukes - $4.95 each

Modeled after a traditional netsuke, a small Japanese figurine, our assortment of animal netsukes are irresistibly adorable. A perfect small token and gift, collectable, or desk accessory for anyone.



81 Church Street 

Commando Thongs - $20

Luxury European microfiber blend (78% nylon, 22% spandex), Low-rise, Elastic-free construction, High fabric breathability, Raw-cut fabric, USA constructed


Kidstructive Fun 

49 Church Street, inside Burlington Town Center

Options Galore - $.25-9.99

Silly putty, baby dolls, cars, dice, card games, and finger puppets. Check out the dozens of toys we carry that are small enough to slide inside a stocking, but snazzy enough to bring smiles to everyone on your Christmas list!


Saratoga Olive Oil 

86 Church Street

Stocking Stuffer 60ml Bottle - $7 each

Just a taste! These miniature bottles make wonderful stocking stuffers or sample sizes of new flavors. Each 60ml bottle is sealed in either gold (oil) or burgundy (balsamic).


Simon Pearce

157 Bank Street

Whiskey Stones (set of 6) - $15

A glass of chilled whisky is a wonderful thing, but regular ice has a nasty habit of melting. Teroforma's Whisky Stones won't melt, and they're made from natural soapstone milled in Vermont by the oldest soapstone workshop in the US.


Smugglers’ Notch Distillery and Vermont Distillers

28 Church Street

Mini / Airplane Bottles - Ranging from $4.99-$6.99

Local spirits and liqueurs in 50mL bottles. Great for gifts or holiday airline travel!



126 College Street 

Crystal Candles - $13 each


Ten Thousand Villages

87 Church Street

Lemon Chef's Soap - $5.99

A great stocking stuffer or host or hostess gift, the Lemon Chef's Soap offers a fresh lemon scent to rid chef’s hands of cooking odors. Crafted from natural vegetable oils by traditional Indian soapmakers. The fragrance of these soaps from Palam Rural Centre is unique, derived from herbs, roots, leaves or flowers, blended to aromatic perfection. All our soaps made in India use palm oil grown on local plantations. This palm oil provides work to local farmers and does not contribute to deforestation.


The Green Life 

151 Cherry Street

Ceramic Mason Jar Ornaments - $15 each



62 Church Street

Flash Tattoos - $15-$30



57 Church Street

Fresh Water Pearl studs - $5.99





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Shopping Local with Apple Mountain


Shop local, shop small. The economic numbers behind this movement are compelling. Think about this: a compilation of national studies concluded that 14% of money spent at a national chain enters your local economy, mostly as wages. But 48% of money spent at a locally owned business enters the local economy, more than three times as much as a national firm! Where’s that extra 34% going? It’s going mostly to professional services headquartered in Vermont –lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, and marketing firms. All local, and all adding their dollars back into the local economy, as well. This works to create a multiplier effect, where dollars spent at our local business are re-spent again and again right here in Vermont.


As a business that features Vermont-made products, Apple Mountain puts an even higher percentage of our revenues into the local flow. About 85% of our merchandise vendors are in Vermont. This means that almost all money spent at a store selling Vermont handcrafts and foods is flowing right back into the Vermont economy. A purchase at Apple Mountain helps support Vermont hand-crafters like Carol and Mark who make delicate Horizon Porcelain Ornaments in West Burke, Jay who makes functional wooden frames and other items for his business Jay’s Woodshop in Johnson, Edie Johnstone from Killington who handpaints miniature scenic ornaments on slices of wood that her son cuts down for her off their land, and Kimberlee Forney from Essex Junction who paints colorful cows and sheep.

Apple Mountain supports Vermont businesses that have grown larger, like Solmate Socks, Silver Forest Jewelry, and Turtle Fur Hats. We support food suppliers like Sugartree Maple Farm in Williston, our syrup supplier, and Rex’s Outrageous in Jericho, maker of Road Crew Crunch. And we have small suppliers that show up at our door with a line of cards made from their artwork or a music CD that they have just produced. This is what shopping local means to us at Apple Mountain!

And don’t forget about charitable giving. The local stores in our community are constantly and willingly offering up gift cards and other donations to school groups, non-profits, and more. We hang event posters and kids’ art in our windows. We sell items for non-profits or put a coin jar on our counters.

So this holiday season, remember folks - buy local, buy Vermont, and keep the money circulating!

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Tips to have a Relaxing Holiday Season

By Cynthea Hausman of Cynthea's Spa



The holidays are officially here and the season for giving begins. It’s a wonderful time of year, but with all the activities, excitement and family obligations taking place at once, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed and even a tad bit gloomy. Here are some simple steps to relax, let go and really enjoy a truly happy holiday!


Focus on your connections. This holiday, reflect on the meaning and closeness of your relationships. It’s not the amount of money you spend, but how much love and joy you share that will create the quality of the season. The beautifully wrapped presents and bows are far less important than the people in your life.

Entertaining? Make a time line and list. Being organized and prepared will save you from a lot of stress. Prioritize and delegate tasks when you can. Enlist the help of professionals if need be (cleaning? catering?).

Keep it simple. The food doesn't have to be fancy and you don't have to spend a small fortune on decorations. A fire in the fireplace can set the mood and fresh flowers or greens are beautiful anywhere in the house. The people make the party.

Involve the whole family in your holiday planning and preparation. Children love to be a part of the process. Let them help with frosting cookies, making place cards, decorating your home or holiday table. Let go of perfection and have fun!

Get plenty of sleep and eat healthy foods. Sleep may seem like an indulgence this time of year, but it is essential to good health and a positive holiday outlook. Rest, slow-down and take time to reflect. There will be plenty of treats and sweets - eat healthy meals to counteract the unhealthy choices.

Let go and go with the flow. If you're overwhelmed, imagine what would happen if you didn't do "it". What is the worst case scenario? Not sending your holiday cards on time probably won’t matter in the long run.

Give out of joy vs. obligation. Don't stress your budget. Be creative and come from your heart. It makes the gift much more meaningful.

Perform a small act of kindness without expecting anything in return.  A smile will spread some holiday cheer.

More tips - Be kind to yourself: Buy fresh flowers. Soak your feet. Spend time with close friends. Take a long walk. Sleep in. Watch the sunset. Enjoy a bubble bath. Have a massage. Listen to beautiful music. Love yourself and others, then, enjoy the most fabulous holiday season!

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Shop Small on Church Street for Small Business Saturday

Shop Small® on Nov 30!

From the corner café with the tasty cappuccinos to the tailor who can expertly hem a pair of chinos, the Church Street Marketplace and downtown Burlington has an eclectic blend of locally owned and operated stores that are the heartbeat of our center of commerce as well as community center in Burlington, Vermont.

Small Business Saturday® is a day to support the local businesses that continually give back to our schools and nonprofits. It is a day dedicated to investing back in our local economy and supporting the business owners who support us! This year, the big day is Nov 30, and we want you to get out and Shop Small®. It is America’s busiest shopping weekend!

If you’re a small business owner, you can head to to download free marketing materials to help attract customers on the day. We hope you can join us in making this the most successful Small Business Saturday yet! Look for special deals and sales happening at for Small Business Saturday in downtown Burlington HERE and hurry in to stores as early as 8am to SHOP SMALL!!


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