The Body Shop According to B

Posted October 6, 2014

By Brandy Companion of The Body Shop


What's the best part of my career? It's 100% my company and heart.

How does heart play out in a retail environment? At 84 Church Street, our day-to-day is not about the sales. What we bring to the table is much more.

I'll use Sam as an example... A college age young man walked into the shop with a group of girls. I noticed he very casually kept breaking away from the group and scanning the room. I could easily tell he was uncomfortable being in the shop but had questions. Sam had very deep blemishes in his face and neck and I could see he felt self conscious about them.

I walked up and said, "Hey I'm Brandy!" I shook his hand and he introduced himself and looked around to see if his group was watching. "Sam would you mind if I pack you a few samples on the down low? We have some really great products that men use too." He agreed. I packed him some tea tree body wash and face wash. "Do me a favor and use these and only these twice a day for three days. If you feel confident with the results stop back by the shop and we can talk more okay?"


About a week later Sam came back to the shop smiling with a completely different energy.

"Hey Brandy can you help me more with my face? It feels way better already." It looked clearer and more healthy too.

You see, I never sold to Sam that first visit. What I saw was a person so self conscious of his skin irritations that he barely looked up from the floor. If it was about the sales I could have gone through some sort of speech about the products, called him out in front of his friends and pushed the product, but that's not why we are here. Sam had serious concerns and I knew we could help him.

I came to this company because of our values, belief in doing well in this world and because like me, it is 150% heart. I encourage you to stop by the shop and feel our values for yourself.


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