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Street Performers:


Church Street Marketplace boasts some of the best musical talent in all of Burlington! See local talent, young musicians, as well as bands traveling through playing at local venues such as Radio Bean, Red Square, Nectars, Higher Ground and more. 



Hannah Fair is a singer/songwriter who confidently navigates between Folk, Americana and the Blues.  Her lyrics and melodies evoke the energy and emotion that comes from falling in love and consequentially getting your heartbroken. 

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Links: Facebook, SpotifyWebsite



Eric George is a songster and entertainer who helps keep the American folk tradition alive.  From early country and delta blues to original songwriting, his repertoire is remarkably extensive and diverse.  With a voice that drifts between dirt and clouds, he is able to entertain folks of any age and background, singing with roots dug deep.

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Links: WebsiteFacebookVimeoThread VT Magazine Article 



Sarah King is a Vermont native who grew up going to contra dances and music festivals.  She started playing violin as a kid and quickly started learning fiddle tunes.  She was lucky to be welcomed to sessions, music parties and performance opportunities where she learned tunes and a love of music from many Vermont folk musicians.  Sarah's "real" job is as an elementary school teacher in northern Vermont.  She is excited to spend the time she has this summer playing fiddle and collaborating with other musicians in the Burlington area.

Bookings & Inquiries: sarahofvt @

Links: Youtube



Ian Steinberg is a singer/songwriter who hails from the great state of Massachusets.  His style incorporates many folk, country, and rock elements that truly round out his unique sound.  Check him out this summer playing local music venues such as Sidebar and Radiobean.

Links: website, Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, Youtube



Leyeux/Jack Snyder was raised in central Vermont. His first call to music was on the drum set, beginning at age 8. He began performing as a singer and guitarist in high school, playing drums in school jazz band and external professional gigs. From 2013-2015, Jack attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. During the time at Berklee, he joined Berklee’s a cappella group Pitch Slapped, which competed and won the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella in the Spring of 2014. His musical awareness as a vocalist and performer grew appreciably during the year and a half in Berklee’s immersive environment. In the Spring of 2015, Jack left Berklee to begin writing and recording with producer Adrian Harpham (NYC), which would develop into the debut LP, Day Is Calling. During the creative process they created the name Leyeux – a permutation of the french word les yeux, meaning the eye. During this time, Leyeux (Jack) began performing shows in Boston and NYC. He self-released four of the songs as “singles” with accompanying music videos. In December of 2015, Jack returned to Vermont to reroot and perform. During the year in VT, additions were made to the Day Is Calling album, namely Tribe of Light, Aftermath, and Day Is Calling ft. Erwan (Remix). In March of 2017, Jack transplanted to Los Angeles to further cultivate his artistry.

Links: websitevideoscontactinstagram, facebook



Michael “Tree” Sampson rocks the didgeridoo and el cajon on Church St.  His unique and wildly popular performance includes puppets and a tambourine.  From a National Public Radio story, July 22, 2012:  "I use crafts and visual media along with rhythm to just break people out of their patterns — just shaking them up."  Sampson also performs in a homemade mask that, depending on who you ask, resembles a deer, an owl and other animals.  The wooden mask was originally supposed to be a deer mask," he says. "The nose didn't work out and all of a sudden it's worked its way back into this kind of owl-human, just nature-spirit thing."  Sampson says he thinks of himself not only as a musician, but as a healer, too. You're kind of trying to be like a kind of magician," he says. "It brightens people's days and kids dance. Things with rhythm that make you dance, they're healing. They're good for the public."

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Links: Video 1Video 2NPRSeven Days


Erik Sievert is a singer/songwriter based out of Burlington, Vermont who has been making the rounds of our city's local music venues. His set consists of a whole host of tunes, combining a healthy mix of alternative rock originals and covers.

Links: SoundcloudBandcamp



Joey Keough, Guitarist

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Brayden Baird is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Northern Vermont.  His sound is raw with emotion; encapsulating the ups and downs of daily life.  To get in contact with Brayden or listen to some of his tunes, check out his bandcamp page linked below.

Links: bandcamp


John Martin Holland is a folk singer, and long-time performer on the Church Street Marketplace.  “I was born in Boston and raised in Weymouth, a little seacoast town. Learned to play guitar in 1970 while in the Air Force in Illinois. Taught school in West Virginia where I lived for 10 years. I have three children, all grown up; and I live in Williston on 4 acres with my wife of almost 40 years. My passions are keeping honey bees (for the past 40 years), working with wood, gardening/farming and playing my acoustic guitar and harmonicas at every chance. How I came to be a street entertainer, a.k.a. 'busker', was through a friend I knew when I was 23. He said: ..."Have you ever thought about playing on the street for tips?" And then he told me a long story about "the olden days", and how when times were hard, .singers and instrument players would gather up their repertoire and head to the Street. In 2006, I won a singer/songwriter contest here in Burlington.  The first time I came to play as a licensed performer on the Church Street Marketplace, I brought a suitcase of songs, my 1972 Martin guitar (I bought it new), and a desire to sing the 'songs of the people.’ The people were kind and generous that first Spring day; I've been plunking ever since!”  I must say, I've learned a great deal from the architects and 'behind the scenes' creators of this pedestrian mall ...Church St. and consider it an honor and privilege to be "workin’ in my stock and trade," playing the songs of our great American nation.

One more note. My favorite songs are the ones I play that cause the children to be happy and dance. Life is both sad and happy. Let's all sing the songs that make us feel good about hard work for the ones we love. And let's all keep a close watch on these hearts of ours!"

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Joseph Campanella Cleary began playing the violin at age 7, and has been hooked on the melody ever since.  A master of Bluegrass, Old-Time and Irish fiddle styles, he is also steeped in Classical technique and has performed throughout the US. A sought-after fiddler, he has performed in many of the beautiful hills, halls, and hollows of Vermont, but still enjoys playing on Church Street and meeting Burlington's visitors.  He has worked as a luthier, building fine mandolins and violins since 1996.  "I draw inspiration from the classical Italian violin making tradition, my training, and personal exploration and study of modern lutherie."  Music and craft are twin traditions for his family, which he is now able to pass on to his son and daughter.  Listen for soaring melody and driving rhythm from this passionate fiddler, played on a handmade instrument

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Links: www.campanellastrings.comThe Cleary Bros. Band, Grup Anwar



Banging away on metal with his hands for nearly a decade, Benjamin Bogosian has been performing in the streets with his Hang since 2007.  A once local to Burlington ten years ago, he returns for the summer to enjoy the upbeat downtown scene to share his music.  All his songs are originals, inspired by his many travels across the country and other continents.  He now lives in Portugal and will be playing music in Burlington for the month of July.  

The Hang is a contemporary handpan inspired by the steelpan (common to the Caribbean), gong and other metal instruments.  It was created in 2000 in Bern, Switzerland. 

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Joe O'Brien has been playing music since 2003. He's the meanest fingerpicker in his little house and has the fingers to prove it.  His notes are bubbly yet coarse, dry yet indulgent, spanning all the letters of the truncated musical alphabet.  He recently quit drinking coffee, and wow, what a decision it has been!



Luke McCartin is a singer/songwriter from Cape Cod now living in Burlington. He has been writing and performing for the past few years and has been featured on local radio sations such as WRUV and The Point FM, has played favorite local venues such as The Radio Bean, and was the 2015 winner of the Advanced Music Singer/Songwriter Contest. His sound is alternative country with The Avett Brothers, Jason Isbell, and Neil Young being large influences, amoung many others.

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Links: BandCampFacebook, Soundcloud Site



Sajen Hernandez is a nomadic musician, videographer and photographer that has been on the move for quite some time.  Born and raised in Texas, Sajen began college in America studying journalism and music, but he finished college in Spain.  While abroad, the travel bug hit him hard after he rock climbed in villages around Spain, walked Abbey Road in London, ate delicious croissants in Paris, and rode a camel into the Sahara Desert in Africa.  

After graduating, he came up with an idea he likes to call "Sajen's 30".  It's his list of 30 life goals he wants to complete by age 30.  It's like a bucket list, but it pushes you to"do life's to-do list TODAY" rather than wait until your 90.  This list got Sajen off the couch and into his car where he has lived since 2014.  This lifestyle allows Sajen to pursue one of his goals, to see 50 states.

He built his strange "Phong Pipes" in upstate New York in 2014, and first performed them on the street on Church Street in Burlington, Vermont.  Church Street teated Sajen very well, and he will always have a special place in his heart for the city that welcomed him with open arms for his debut as a busker with his unique instrument. 

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Links: YouTubeInstagram



Born and raised in West Orange, NJ, Rostafa has been exposed to many views and truths that reflect in his music.  At age 10, he started performing on the saxophone in concert bands 4th through 10th grade.  But at age 17, he felt his love for music aiming towards the guitar.  His style is based upon the concepts of Richie Havens, the "Open Tuning" guitar pioneer.  "I saw him when I first veiwed the Woodstock movie.  I heard of and listened to him years prior, but never made the connection.  It was like a bolt of lightning that just struck a chord with me.  It was a revelation".  After which, he studied everything and anything he'd need to know to adopt the style, feel, and atmosphere of the instrument in that way, but also picked up other instruments along the way (mandolin, banjo, percussion, harmonica).  Continuing his education, he went on to become heavily involved in the performing arts.  Since the age of 13, he has performed in various plays such as Bye Bye Birdie, Caberat, Grease, Rent, The Outsiders, and others.  In May of 2015, he graduated with a B.A. Degree in Theatre Studies.  "If I'm proud of anything, it's the discipline I have towards a goal and getting it anyway possible".  In 2013, he started busking in Montclair, NJ, and ironically on the block also known as Church Street.  "It's not just about making money, it's about connection, networking, humbling yourself, busting your behind day in and day out.  Take time out for your self, but most importantly, save.  Save your money, save someone's negative vibe and turn it into a positive one.  Above all that, know your craft before approaching it live and in person.  Open mics are the best way to hone away at it".  Rostafa's plans are to start up a band of other fellow songwriters, tour, record, rehearse, the whole 9.  He also plans on becoming heavily involved in acting, but implies that work ethic is not just about the craft and the art of what you do, but how you present yourself and the way you think.  The most important message Rostafa has ato offer is this: "Love yourself.  If you truly love yourself, you'll think before saying or thinking a thought.  Knowing is a great gift, but also to know is to share.  By sharing, your intention of gratitude is heightened for everyone.  Do good.  Be resilient, and be yourself."

Links: Video



Douglas Bishop began his studies with the pan flute at the age of ten, and he has honed his skills by learning the techniques of performers he encountered during his journeys of self-discovery.  Douglas' interests in the pan flute, history, and ethnomusicology have taken him to many countries, and this extensive period of travel and study has fostered the development of his diverse repertoire.  Bishop has performed in numerous musical appearances, from shopping malls and open-air markets worldwide to religious institutions, weddings, funerals, eldercare communities, concert halls, art galleries, libraries, and festivals of every description.  Bishop has also demonstrated his artistic flexibility in the recording studio, by performing on such varied albums as "Dragon Dreams", a collection of traditional Mexican songs and original music by double platinum guitarist/singer/songwriter David Salazar, and "Didgeridoo Dreamings: A Shamanic Journey", an album of oringial New Age-style compositions by Australian didgeridoo master Phil Jones (of Quintessence" face).  He has appeared with the Andean band Imbaya, and with David Salazar & Gerard Moreno in Santa Fe's renowned Dragon Room Bar of the Pink Adobe Restaurant.  Douglas lives with his wife and children in Vermont, where he is best known for his work as a performer on Burlington's Church Street Marketplace.  He is the author of "A Worldwide History of the Pan Flute", the Internet's most extensively researched and complete work concerning the pan flute's history.  In 2003, with the introduction of Pan Flute 101, he became the first panflutist to make possible the learning of the pan flute by anyone in the world, regardless of financial status or geographical location.  Bishop is also the creator of "The Hall of Panflutists", the most complete pan flute portal to be found online.  With 450 performances in 2007 alone, Douglas' hectic performance schedule is the busiest of any career panflutist in the world.  Douglas' current focus is live performance in cultural and artistic capacities, as well as his unique blend of music recital and lecture in educational capacities. 

Books & Inquiries:

Links: Website


Justin Hickock aka Cisco Kid: Born and raised in the small town of Burlington, Vermont, Cisco Kid has been making music since he and his cousin Tony made bedroom recordings on a "Talkboy". Their shenanigans turned into attempted at making real music some years later and at the age of 12 Cisco, Justin Hickock, got his first guitar. He practiced until his fingers bled and taught himself the basics of guitar. After chatting with his friend Matt online he decided to buy a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder. The fun begins. He bough microphones, numerous cassettes and upgraded to a fender strat and amp. Though experimental and somewhat all over the place, his music showed promise; his talent shown through.His cousin (the one who he made funny Talkboy recordings with) began producing and rapping.This inspired Cisco Kid to get into hip hop music. He came up with the name Cisco Kid from the only rap song by Sublime of that name. You got yo understand, Sublime was Justin's introduction to music, it was his first major influence. So, as a freshman at Burlington High School Cisco Kid put out his very first album called "Buena Suerte", meaning good luck in Spanish. Only a few copies of this album exist which he gave out to close friends. Later on he recorded a longer full length CD called "Swans in my Mind". It was pretty good but not professional yet. He got mixed feedback. Most of it was positive. Cisco fell in love with many girls in high school and experimented with psychotropic drugs. This fueled his creativity to record "Not in Kansas Anymore", an entire album dedicated to his first love, Kylee Snow. He performed this album after graduating at Radio Bean and Manhattan Pizza open mics. A few years later Justin began experimenting with more exotics, dreamy textures and moods. He found out about thorgh his friend Jason Kennedy and decided to put on an album. His first real album was put out this year called "Fattie Boom Boom!" it is now available on iTunes! Justin Hickock of the Cisco Kid has come a long wsay from bed room recordings and just fooling around. His music showcases rare talent and to say it is authentic is a bit of an understatement. If you are looking to just sit back and listen to, that is real and imaginative, then you have come to the right place.

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Links: Website



Nathan Sargent: guitarist/singer-songwriter from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. From the Broadway strip in Nashville to touring the country in a five piece band, Nathan can now be seen all over the state playing music.

Bookings & Inquiries: 802-323-8493,

Links: Nathan Sargent



Alex Smith grew up in Long Lake, in the heart of New York's rural Adirondack Park, and his music strives first and foremost to echo the people of that area. He builds songs from a blend of traditional folk harmony and strikingly modern lyrics, confronting today's most pressing issues with grace while paying homage to those who came before him. Smith's mother is a historian and his father is a writer and a boat builder. Their influence is evident in his attention to detail: each of Smith's characters, though fictional, lives and breathes a balance between beauty and imperfection. His stories draw on the triumphs and hardships of friends, relatives, and neighbors near and far. Smith's fine-tuned his ability to observe and capture human nature while earning his Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Lawrence University, where he majored in English with a focus on fiction writing. Taking cues from legendary Adirondack folk musicians Dan Berggren and Christopher Shaw, he works tirelessly to carry the music of northern New York to new audiences. In the fall of 2012, at the close of his first extensive summer tour, Smith signed with acclaimed folk label Wepecket Island Records. He has since toured nationally with his band The Mountain Sound, been featured on Emmy-Award winning documentary "Songs to Keep" alongside Pete Seeger, Peter Yarrow, and Dan Berggren, won a NTCMA award for his record "Hamilton County," and received extensive radio play nationwide. Sarah Craig, director of the legendary Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY, calls Smith "A natural storyteller with a rich voice who is creating poignant songs rooted in the heritage of his Adirondack home," while Country Music News International's Bom Everhart says he is "a wonderful, poetic writer who captures words full of meaning, matching them with creative music that creeps quietly into the past at the same time as dancing with the present and sneaking a peak at the future. When he's not on the road, Smith lives just south of the Canadian border in the North Country town of Norfolk, N.Y. His first studio album, Hamilton County, was released in June 2014 and joing Live with Dylan Rice  and Sawdust in his rapidly-growing discography. Close to Home, Smith's next project, is slated for released in the spring of 2016.

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Albert Joy plays traditional dance music on his Button Accordions.  Costumed in English Morris attire of bells and bowler, Albert dances to the rhythm of his tunes. Whether English Morris dances, French waltzes or American traditional tunes, he will lift your spirits and put a spring in your steps.

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Michael Reit is the lead singer and electric violin player for Gang of Thieves, Vermont's premier funky Rock and Roll band. Michael has been studying violin for over 20 years, privately teaching for 10, and is currently accepting students for Classical, Rock, and/or Improv playing. Michael also has an extensive history of vocal study and encourages everyone to take their voices out of the shower and into the world! Vocal lessons in every style are also available from Michael (Rock, Classical, and/or Musical Theater). 

Bookings and Inquires: or or 802-528-1650

Links: WebsiteFacebook



Austin Kopec is a guitarist, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He plays music that draws on several aspects of indie rock, blues, folk, and jazz. He has also began playing with his new group, "The Hydes," a collection of musicians from Burlington who play music that varies from indie rock/blues to folk world music. Arrangements composed by Austin and Zack Meyer (Trumpet).

Bookings and Inquires: message him on Facebook

Links: SoundCloud



Brennan Kensey is an acoustic bass player who writes and sings his own reggae music. His simple bass lines and warm vocals combine to create the perfect warm weather music that is sure to bring a smile. He is also a member of the band Doctor Rick, who can be found playing venues throughout Burlington.

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Links: Facebook, BandCamp



Valentin Villaluz aka The Weary Wanderer

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Michael Santosusso is the bass player and founding member of the six piece band, Smokin' Grass.  The group was formed in 1995 and played shows consistently making waves in the local music scene until their eventual hiatus in 2005.  As founding member, Santosusso was a key factor in the group success and still can be found making the rounds playing at many of Burlington's local music venues. 

Links: facebook



Richard Bowen is a proficient and prolific Burlington based Stand Up Comic.  Known for his wordplay “punliners” and “Dad Jokes” he is a staple in the burgeoning Vermont comedy community and can be found writing and telling jokes each and every night in comedy clubs, dive bars, restaurants, nursing homes, classrooms, correctional facilities, lounges, laundromats, living rooms and even on the street!

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Links: WebsiteTwitter, Video 1



Nate Reit currently plays and tours full time as electric trombonist for the Burlington based Rock band, Gang of Thieves.  He received his BM in Jazz Trombone Performance in 2009 from the Eastman School of Music. Before moving to Vermont 2 years ago, he was an active freelancer in New York City, enjoying a diverse performance schedule with such ensembles as the Garden State PhilharmonicOne World Symphony, Ureuk Symphony, andTILT Brass. From Carnegie and Alice Tully Halls to 55 Bar and the Cutting Room, he has performed in many of New York's most celebrated venues. In NYC, he held the 2nd trombone chair in the Stan Rubin Orchestra, the bass trombone chair in the Meetinghouse Jazz Orchestra, and the solo trombone chair with New Age Brass. Nate maintains a private teaching studio in the greater Burlington area, as well as being the trombone teacher for the Vermont Youth Orchestra Association's Endangered Instrument Program.  He is the current Head of Brass at the summer Junior Session of Kinhaven Music School in Weston, Vermont, where he teaches private lessons, coaches chamber music, runs orchestra sectionals, conducts the brass choir, and performs in faculty concerts. His principal teachers include Mark Kellogg, Dr. John Marcellus, Jim Pugh, Anthony Mazzocchi, Gilles Bernard and Robert Blaine. 

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Patricia Bistow-Johnson is a multi-instrumentalist and composer attending Mount Holyoke college.  She grew up in Burlington Vermont and has been playing piano and composing music for the last 12 years.  In 2015 she was included in VPR's Student Composer Showcase for her piece Vermont Variations; a composition that evokes pastoral scenes from Vermont's landscape.

Links: VPR Write up



Benjamin Aleshire is a native Vermonter, now based in New Orleans, who travels the world as a Poet for Hire. Strangers in the street commission him to write a personalized poem on the spot, which he types up on a manual typewriter. His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Boston Review, Crab Orchard Review, Burlington Free Press, and many others. He is a recipient of a Creation Grant from the VT Arts Council, and the Chighizola Prize from the University of New Orleans. Benjamin founded Honeybee Press, a letterpress publishing cooperative, and serves as assistant poetry editor for the Green Mountains Review

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Links: Wesbite



Connor Young is a jazz trumpet player born and raised in Burlington, Vermont.  He currently studies jazz performance at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.

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Micah Robinson aka AuxiliaryPatch

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Darren Yong started magic at the age of 13 after being inspired by a few magic specials on television. His love of magic really expanded after his first trip to Las Vegas and saw a handful of inspiring magic shows. Back home, when he should have been studying for exams and doing homework he was at the library learning and practicing his newly discovered craft. Magic, he learned was a great  ice breaker and a wonderful way to meet new people since he was a very shy kid growing up.

After a few years passed he  realized he really enjoyed focusing his talents in close up 
magic, a form of magic that is done right before your eyes. No smoke, no special effects, glitter, mirrors, lengthy story lines, rabbits out of hats, assistants or boxes. Darren majored in psychology at UMass Boston and uses his skills learned in school and his experience in the performance to add his own unique personality in his show.

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Circle Acts:



Sam Johnson, at the age of 14, ran away from his Burlington, VT home and joined a circus (during the summers, with his parents permission).  There he was mashed and molded into a performer by coaches from the famed Moscow Circus.  After high school, Johnson joined Circus Smirkus as a juggler and travelled throughout New England. He also began an apprenticeship with a Swedish juggler who helped him refine his act and encouraged him to pursue street performance, which he eventually did. Church Street’s own “Slackwire Sam,” is a regular Church Street performer who is known for riding a unicycle across a line while juggling torches.  He dusted off his act and brought it to the national audience of “America’s Got Talent” in 2013.  While on the show, Sam found himself performing dangerous stunts atop an 80-foot sway pole.  He made it all the way to the quarter finals.  Catch him on weekends during high season on Church Street’s top block.

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Links: Website, Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Facebook, Wiki



Brent McCoy grew up on a dairy farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. He developed an interest in juggling and circus as a teenager, and has followed his passion ever since. He started teaching for Circus Smirkus, then practiced for hours a day during his time at Bates College. Upon graduating with a painting degree, he quickly discovered that performing was his passion, and he began to study theater and do show. He’s a regular student at The Celebration Barn, having worked with Avbbner the Eccentric, Keith Johnstone, Fritz Grobe and Robert Post, and he continues to expand the scope of his work. Besides touring his solo show, he currently performs The Secret Circus with his wife Maya, produces semi-annual shows with Vermont Vaudeville and teaches school residencies with YES! Theater.

Booking & Inquiries:; 802-473-2973




Guy Collins is "The Groovy Guy".  This Cheeky Chappie from London is an international street performing sensation.  The pavement becomes his stage and everyone can join in the fun!  Be wowed by extraordinary juggling tricks and improbable feats of balance.  Hold your breath as with a little help from the audience he walks the tight rope.  Gasp with delight as he balances above the crowd on his tall unicycle playing with a rubber chicken, plumbing tools and some deadly sharp knives.

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Links: Website



Austin Smith performed his first juggling show at the age of 7 on his father's shoulders on top of a balance board. In 2012, he moved to Burlington and saw an opportunity to leverage his natural juggling ability into his very own street performance. He continues to push the boundaries of technical juggling and now experiments with comedy and dance for a more well rounded show. His juggling is inspired by various forms of music ranging from surf rock to electronic. You'll walk away from his performance feeling amazed and amused.

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Links: Video 1


Young Performers:


Gabriello (Gabo) Lewis is a violin major at a music high school in NYC. He grew up in Burlington, VT, and has been studying the violin for more than ten years. He also attends Mannes Preparatory program, where he studies with Arik Braude, and participates in Face the Music Philharmonic Orchestra and the Kronos Intensive Chamber Program. Gabo attended Kinhaven Music School Junior Session 2012 and 2013 and JVNY, Inc., Courchevel, France, Intensive String Program 2014. He has had master classes with the Israeli Chamber Orchestra, Alexi Kinney, Rachel Barton Pine, the Ying Quartet, and the Fine Arts Quartet.

Zani Lewis has been studying cello for a decade and currently studies with John Dunlop, principal cellist of the VSO. Zani participates in the Upper Valley Music Center's chamber program and the Vermont Youth Orchestra Association. He attended Kinhaven Music School Junior Session 2014. Zani has had master classes with Matt Haimovitz, Sophie Shao, and Ed McDonough.

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Links: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3



Lily James Roberts is a thirteen year old multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and actor extraordinaire.  She has acted and sung in plays such as the Jungle Book, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, Pinocchio, and many more.  In 2014 she made her first performance at Higher Ground for the Kids VT Spectacular Spectacular and has performed every year since.  Her list of increasing achievements also includes singing the National Anthem for the Lake Monsters this past summer. 

Links: Performance at Higher Ground

Traveling Performers:


Matt Heckler is a fast and furious fiddler from West Saugerties, NY.

Booking & Inquiries:
Links: Facebook , Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

Outlaw Ritual is a 3-piece electric and acoustic rock and roll band from Georgia, Rhode Island & North Carolina.  They met & live in Brooklyn and play shows in the New York area. Mat Hagard, baritone & resonator guitar, banjo & voice; Olivia Garriga, upright bass; Liam Crill, drums.

Booking & Inquiries:

Links: Website, Facebook, Video 1, Video 2



Coyote & Crow - We are a married couple from New York's North Country living in Brooklyn. We make our living busking around New York City. We play a mash up of folk-americana, bluegrass, old time mountain music with a big influence from 60's-70's classic rock'n'roll. Sticking to traditional Jug-Band roots we play homemade and modified instruments. Thomas plays Banjo, Banjote and foot percussion with a homemade suitcase he built into a drum. Jaime plays a homemade Double Banjo Bass/Stand Up BB and homemade suitcase snare. Our songs are inspired by nature, folk tales, love, and life experiences. With a sound that's hard to put a name on, we pour our heart and soul into every note. We call it "Old Time Rock n' Soul.

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Links: Website, Facebook



Matt “Broke” Boland is from the Rust Belt City of Erie, PA.  Matt mixes styles including Blues, Rockabilly, Rock, Bluegrass, and Folk into one exciting stage show, entertaining for everyone. Rock Erie Music Awards: Best Alternative, 2008, 2010, and 2011; Best Acoustic, 2012; Blue Pike Award, Best Alternative 2014.

Booking & Inquiries:

Links: Facebook, Video



The Jess Novak Band, known for their passion, energy, superb musicianship, engaging songwriting and ability to win any crowd, Jess Novak's projects all deliver. With a strong roots, blues, rock and soul-pumped sound, the groups bring fire in every formation of the band - duo, trio, four or five-piece. Having touched audiences up and down the East Coast - from Burlington, VT to Key West, FL - and playing more than 250 dates annually, the sound gets tighter with each show. 

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Ben Balivet began playing in a band in High School (the Infamous Wasilla High) and then went on to play guitar/bass in the D...runk Poets (Preambulations and Such). The early 90's saw him playing in the experimental rock bands: Shriek, Fleck's Frenzy (featuring stellar guitarist Mike Fleck) and Billy Goat's Gruff (a mostly Dutch band featuring Kasper Kalf from the Young Sinatra's on the bass).  Ben has toured Europe with the Billy Goat's Gruff and played South By South West in Austin Texas.  Also, Ben Balivet has played numerous venues in Vermont, Alaska, Washington, New Hampshire, Arizona, and other small countries.  Ben's influences include: John Prine, The Pogues, The Pink Floyd, John Lennon, The Smiths, Tom Waits, Carole King, Soundgarden, The Police, and many more.

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Adam Reczek is a singer-songwriter from New England. Originally from Massachusetts, Reczek spent four years as an active part of the Burlington, VT music scene while studying at Saint Michael's College. With five albums of original music to his name, the last three of which he has recorded himself, Adam has established a deep repertoire of folk and folk-rock compositions as a writer and multi-instrumentalist, playing every instrument on his records himself. Having lived and played in New Zealand, Reczek has explored the international music scene both through playing venues as well as regular busking.

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Busk and Rye got their start captivating passersby on the Church Street Marketplace with their bluegrass, country, and folk-infused tunes. Members of this eclectic trio can be found playing around town on multiple instruments. Matthew Vaughan is a drummer turned mandolinist. Taylor Smith is an acoustic guitarist by day, alto saxophonist by night. Luke Hausermann plays the electric bass when the mood strikes. The departure from their native instruments has opened up a world of possibilities, and allows them to get to the roots of the music they love. A Busk and Rye show is full of warm harmonies and high energy – a combination irresistible to audiences of all ages. The trio has since branched out into Vermont’s outdoor venues and nightclubs, though their home will always be singing on the streets of Burlington.

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Eugene Tyler Band  As much musical brothers as bandmates, Eugene Gardner and Daniel Tyler grew up learning how to play guitar together. They have been collaborating for over a decade, even though they are in their early twenties. Their styles, though distinct, were developed in partnership with each other through years of shared bands and musical experiences. After Eugene graduated from the music program at SUNY Oneonta, and Daniel graduated from the University of Vermont, they decided to work on a new project, seeking out Marc Jaffee who had produced some of their previous work, and had acted as a mentor since they were young teens. Upon hearing the quality of songs they were writing, Jaffee committed to them as producer, manager and record label, and they recorded the debut album, Eugene Tyler Band. Eugene and Daniel are presently touring as an acoustic duo in support of the album.

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